Aerial Mapping

Seeing a video or even a portfolio of photos taken from the air can provide a wealth of information on your property.  Now imagine seeing all those photos, perhaps hundreds of them seamlessly stitched together as an accurate map of your property.    In the picture below you can see the white area of the orchard overlaid on a satellite image, exactly at the property boundaries.  This image is a composite of 79 aerial photographs taken by one of our drones.  You can tell the area, as we filmed it in the winter!  You cannot zoom on this image but on an actual map you can!

Our mapping services can provide a detailed, geo-positioned map of your property from a small property, such as a house (see image below) to a large area (agriculture, campus, golf course, etc.).

Like to see an actual example?

Look at Belchertown’s Sentinel Farm Orchard  taken just as the peaches and plums are in bloom.  This map was captured at 180 feet and is a composite of 88 photographs.   – view map


We can also offer mapping rendered in 3D, and Topographic renderings.