Building Inspections

When was the last time you or your staff examined the roof of your house of worship?  It’s hard to arrange for the proper equipment and safety gear to get up there and take a look.  Doing so with your own staff can be dangerous and hiring a crew to examine and look for trouble spots can be time consuming and expensive. helps houses of worship to protect their investment in their places of worship by providing economical, safe, and effective inspections of difficult and dangerous areas of their buildings.  Routine inspections can identify areas of the building(s) in need of attention before they become major sources of extensive damage.  In addition, aerial inspections can provide trustees and building caretakers with an economical, quick, and safe inspection of contractor work without placing individuals in high risk situation, ensuring that repairs are completed properly.

A sample of areas that can be easily inspected by aerial photography:

  • Steeple structures – lighting conductor installation, roofing, siding, bird damage, water damage, siding lift or missing, mortar failure
  • Roofing – missing or damaged tiles, lightning conductor runs, water damage, gutter conditions, wear on tiles
  • Siding – missing or damage siding, water or animal damage, mortar failure inspection can provide high definition still photographs of any suspect areas along with a video of each area in HD.  During the flight(s) a representative of the house of worship will have ‘pilots view’ of the flight on their own monitor and be able to request closer inspections and specific photographs.  Because we use highly stable aircraft, the pilot can hover over or near areas of concern and take images from several angles.  Go to the contact us page to request a follow up call from one of our flight specialists.