Community Service – 4H Robotics Class

We had a great time working with the local 4H Robotics Class at the Hopkins Academy in Hadley demonstrating our Phantom 4 and explaining the use of drones, flight safety, and the use of automation in flight!



Welcome to An Upper Perspective.  We are an aerial video and photography company located in Western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley.  We specialize in aerial inspection photography of roofs and Real Estate videos.   We now also offer aerial mapping services, producing a geopositioned map of your property from a series of aerial photographs (excellent for agriculture)!

Our staff is directed by a FAA certificated pilot(s) to ensure that your project is professionally handled. We’ve included two short videos to give you an idea of the capability we offer.  Both videos are shown in lower resolution than is available directly.

Sample steeple flight – this first short video is of the Methodist Church in Belchertown.  The video is intended to give you an idea of how easily and quickly we can provide a close inspection of your facility structures without traditional constraints.

Sample Tower Flight – This short video shows one of our aircraft doing a single-side inspection example flight of a radio tower.  Maximum altitude on this flight was only 125 feet AGL.  Notice we found a ‘visitor’ once we reached the top!