Flight Training


We are pleased to announce our latest service, flight training!   Do you own or are thinking of purchasing your own DJI drone for either recreation, public use, or even commercial flying?   Then get started right with hands-on flight school from AUP.

One of our certified remote pilots will come to your facility or location and teach you everything you need to get safely and legally in the air with your DJI drone.  We’ll cover everything from pre-flight, updating, safety, basic maneuvering, using the camera, and advanced features available in the DJI.

Our 1 Day Basics Course:

Session 1:
Components – review of each area of the sUAS: aircraft, controller, tablet, batteries

DJI GO App – overview of each area, basic settings, firmware updating

Aircraft readiness – physical preflight, sensors, video feed, RF signal, warnings

Session 2:
Legality and how to get information – aviation weather, NOTAMs, airspace issues, etc.
Review of resources for NOTAMS, Weather, FAA maps

Session 3: all about the DJI Apps, warnings, basic settings for every flight, advanced settings, inflight monitoring

Session 4: Let’s fly!  – preflight walk throughs including local terrain and planning, startup and shutdown sequences, take offs and landings, flying the aircraft basic visual maneuvers

Session 5: Moderate flight activities – FPV orientation, safety, precision poisitioning, flying a course, object avoidance, situational recovery, automated return

Session 6: Basic camera operations: lighting basics, still photography, video

Session 7: Putting it into practice: Log books, automated flight records, processing images

Want to move onto commercial flight?  Check out our partner, RemotePilot101.com for their advanced ground school course.  Our pilots used RemotePilot101 to get there sUAS FAA certificate and you can too!