Why Choose Us?

Drones are all over the place so why choose An Upper Perspective (AUP) as your aerial photography provider?

The Basics of the FAA rules
In August of 2016 the Federal Aviation Administration issued their ruling on the commercial operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) or commonly ‘drones’ in Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) parts 101 and 107.  The result is a restriction of the use of any drone for commerce without a FAR Part 107 sUAS commercial certificate holding pilot in command (PIC).  In other words if you use a drone to examine a structure and then use the resulting video, stills, or even live stream data for a commercial purpose without a certificate holding PIC, you have violated federal regulations and may be subject to enforcement and resulting penalties.  The FAA takes airspace and commercial aircraft operation very seriously.  AUP only flies with a certificated PIC.

AUP offers its customers contracting for services an option for damage and liability insurance.  The insurance covers your property and your personnel while the flight takes place.

The AUP Pilot will set up a specific appointment with you or your representatives and meet you at the site (if requested).  Prior to the appointment, the PIC accesses FAA weather and flight resources just like any commercial pilot to ensure a safe and effective flight.  If required, the PIC may need to apply to the FAA for a waiver to fly, this is most often due to a local restriction such as nearness to an airport.

Our PIC may bring along additional crew members such as a camera operator to ensure the best possible outcome.  During the flight, you will be able to see live what the camera sees through a separate screen.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction with the flight and the resulting images.

Our Fleet
AUP currently flies a FAA registered DJI Phantom 4, DJI Phantom 3, and DJI Mavic Pro.   These aircraft have proven flight capabilities and are among the most reliable in the industry to assure your job gets completed on time.